couple sitting in grass during Wedding in the dolomites mountains

Mountain Elopement Dolomites

with Kathrin & MArtin

Couple in frame: Kathrin & Martin
Location: Dolomites, South Tyrol
Flowers: Florales Atelier (@florales.atelier)
Styling: Salon Creative, BZ (
Wedding Planner: Gemma Garriga (@gem.vs.hod)

As a photographer, there's nothing more exhilarating than capturing the raw emotion and natural beauty of a wedding. In this blog entry, I am thrilled to share this captivating story in the magnificent Dolomites of South Tyrol. Join me as we delve into this mountainous love affair, and I reveal the enchanting moments I had the privilege to document through my lens.

The Dolomites chosen as the perfect backdrop for their intimate elopement, seeking to immerse themselves in the rugged yet romantic atmosphere of the mountains. As the morning sun cast a soft glow upon the landscape, I captured the couple's anticipation and excitement as they prepared for their special day. The mountains stood as silent witnesses, adding an ethereal touch to the scene. Their love radiated through every frame, reflecting the grandeur of their surroundings.

High up in the Dolomites, they exchanged heartfelt vows against a backdrop of stunning rocks and a beautiful mountain lake. The raw beauty of the landscape perfectly mirrored the depth of their commitment. As a photographer, I sought to capture the tenderness in their eyes and their deep connection, ensuring that every emotion was preserved in time. Nature's symphony of gentle breezes, trickling streams, and distant birdsong created an intimate soundtrack to their love story.

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